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使用 12 个不同的信号修改单元即时增强插件和 DAW 的功能。探索新的创意可能性,并快速添加缺失的功能。每个模块都可以轻松插入、交换和移动,以创建新的选项来更正、转换或调整音频。
SigMod 包含许多有用的、创造性的功能,否则这些功能很难参与。将这些单进程模块组合成任何顺序,以设计所需的精确路由。自动调整大小使信号流和功能保持清晰。
10 个可能性…
将中端/侧功能添加到经典立体声压缩机和 EQ 仿真中,或通过插入任何左/右插件实例的中/侧编码器/解码器,获得中端/侧延迟、失真和许多其他效果的创意。
在输出总线上插入保护单元,此安全模块将自动插入,以防止由于系统错误而发出噪音或反馈咆哮,从而节省您的神经和扬声器。手动或自动重置选项为您提供所需的保护级别 – 使用耳机时真正的礼物!
想要尝试一些并行处理滴在点击模块,你是好去。使用交叉模块将高点从低点分割开来,对不同的频率范围应用不同的效果 – 非常适合避免将低频混为一波,或通过自动化和扫描效果获得创意。
在信号链中的任意位置托管任何 VST3 插件
SigMod 的几个模块提供对某些 DAW 所缺少的功能的轻松访问,或者至少是本地访问的复杂功能。单独/静音或修剪立体声信号的左右两侧,或一键轻松翻转立体声图像。快速检测和纠正直流偏移,以保留宝贵的空间。
在单声道中,您的混音声音如何考虑有多少听众将使用手机或 DAB 收音机与一个扬声器 – 单声道模块切换您的信号从立体声到单声道一键。您还可以使用相位模块检查左右通道之间的相位关系。
[信号通路工具箱插件]NUGEN Audio SigMod v1.1.3.2 [WiN, MacOSX](46Mb)Team R2R | WiN: 5.5 MB | MAC: 40.2 MB
Instantly enhance the functionality of your plug-ins and DAW with twelve different signal modification units. Explore new creative possibilities and quickly add missing features. Each module can easily be inserted, swapped and moved around making new options to correct, convert or tweak your audio.
SigMod contains many useful, creative functions which are otherwise difficult to engage. Combine these single-process modules in any order to design the precise routing you require. Auto-resizing keeps the signal flow and functionality clear at all times.
Master & channel strip features
Signal monitoring & routing options
Mid/side conversion
Output level protection
Frequency banded splits
1000’s of possibilities…
Use stereo plug-ins in mid/side mode
Add mid/side functionality to classic stereo compressor and EQ emulations, or get creative with mid/side delays, distortion and many other effects by inserting the mid/side encoder/decoder either side of any left/right plug-in instance.
Protect speakers, ears & sanity
Insert the Protect unit across your output bus and this safety module will automatically cut in to prevent bursts of noise or feedback howls due to system errors, saving both your nerves and your speakers. Manual or auto reset options give you the level of protection you need – a real gift when working with headphones!
Tap and crossover
Want to try some parallel processing Drop in the Tap module and you are good to go. Use the Crossover module to split the highs from the lows to apply different effects to different frequency ranges – great for avoiding muddying up the low frequencies or getting creative with automation and sweep effects.
Host any VST3 plug-in anywhere within your signal chain
Enhance the functionality of your plug-ins and enable multiple new applications. A dual mono option allows for independent processing of two parallel channels, turbo-charging your existing plug-in collection with new creative possibility.
For your DAW
Several of SigMod’s modules offer easy access to functionality which is either missing from certain DAWs, or at least complicated to access natively. Solo/mute or trim the left and right sides of a stereo signal independently, or easily flip the stereo image in one click. Quickly detect and correct DC offset to retain valuable headroom.
How does your mix sound in mono Think about how many listeners will be using a phone or a DAB radio with one speaker – the Mono module switches your signal from stereo to mono in one click. You can also check the phase relationship between your left and right channels with the Phase module.

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